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Looking for obsolete engine gaskets? Look no further!

Gaskets from the turn of the century to 1970 for cars, trucks,
tractors, industrial and marine engines.

Newly manufactured full sets as well as new old stock gaskets.


Brant Safety Products reminds you to be safe in your travels.
Brant Safety Products, who is an affiliate of Gasket City, would like to remind everyone to be safe in your flea market travels.
Always carry a first aid kit with the appropriate supplies. If you want to pick up your own supplies,

CLICK HERE for a price list of safety supply items.

Gasket City is now a Warehouse Distributor of Duracool Products!!
Gasket City and Duracool Refrigerants Inc. are now working together to bring you the next generation in
hydrocarbon refrigerants and accessories. Please contact us for more information about this exciting product!
Click here to visit the Duracool web site!

Gasket City now accepts Visa and MasterCard!!
Now you can order AND PAY FOR your gaskets right over the phone!! No more worrying about sending checks in the mail!!
For more information, please call 1-888-335-4686 (Toll free in US and Canada)

View our full contact info by clicking here!

****** OUR 2017 SCHEDULE! *****

Sept. 27 - Oct. 1/17 Fall Carlisle Pa. Spaces: NG 3-5

Oct. 3 - 7/17 Hershey Pa. AACA Eastern division national fall swap meet Spaces GAC 27 - 28

Oct. 29/17 Ancaster Ont. Rod Masters fall swap meet inside building

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